T&C Chair
Terms and Conditions Chair is a chair that is meant to poke and provoke users to reflect on the habit of not reading the Terms and Conditions and just clicking the“ Agree ” button.
T&C Chair
We started by making the chair. But this chair was meant to look stable and at the same time be very unstable on the inside. We hollowed out a part of it and added a spring to the other side. The side that has the spring pushes upward but the side that is hollowed out sinks in.
T&C Chair
Then we made a cover for it so that the inside would not be visible and it would look like a normal chair. The cover was black and we printed out the Terms and Conditions on the front. The font size was big enough that if they wanted they could read it but it was not big enough to attract attention.
The text goes:
“ This piece of furniture, its designer and owner do not take responsibility for any action occurring during use. Including any cause of damage or harm that might occur. You, as a user are therefore fully responsible for your own safety during use. Use the product at your own risk. ”
Then we placed it the middle of the exhibition floor and removed other chairs so that people would choose our chair; and we recorded the reactions.
Design collaboration with Behrooz Taleb and Camilla Jusis